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Young Electric's Continued Partnership with Cargill for Industrial Electrical Upgrades
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Upgrading Electrical Components for a 24+ year Partner

Staying current with the latest hardware and technology is important when it comes to industrial operations. While upgrades may seem daunting, they are necessary and can produce some satisfying results. When upgrades are completed by knowledgeable experts like our team at Young Electric, you’ll save money and improve operations in the long run while minimizing downtime. 

Electrical Upgrades With Satisfying Results

In 1997, Young Electric initially installed a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for Cargill. In 2021, Young Electric was tasked with upgrading the PLC and consolidating all of the area’s old discrete wired VFD’s with the latest Allen Bradley PowerFlex 525 VFD’s and EtherNet/IP connectivity/control. This eliminated quite a bit of messy input and output wiring, which is no longer required due to Ethernet connectivity and control. The upgraded setup is less susceptible to failure due to wiring problems  because there are no longer control wires to connect. The PLC communicates all control interfaces with the Variable frequency Drives (VFD) via ethernet communications. The job was incredibly complex, with some very satisfying before and after results! 

Before and After Results from Cargill PLC Upgrades

PLC before and after upgrade

Before and After Results from Cargill Below VFD Upgrades

VFD before and after upgrade

Then and Now, the Project Comes “Full Circuit”

In 1997, Cori Young was the main panel builder for the company with only 2 years under his belt as an apprentice. Cori, along with his team, worked on the original installation for Cargill around 24 years ago. In 2021, the old panel was replaced with today’s technology but this time, with Cori Young as the owner of Young Electric. This is the second time Cori has been able to proudly reflect on coming “full circle” in his career. In 2018 he preformed another upgrade for Cargill for their Inedible Rendering system, you can read about that project here. Knowledge, safety, and learning are what make the Young Electric team truly shine.

Professional Partnerships Built to Last

Electrical upgrades and technological advancement are crucial for any electrical application. Upgrading systems can save your business money, increase efficiency, and drive growth. Young Electric has been serving commercial and industrial clients in Wichita and surrounding cities since 1992 with projects often coming “full circuit”. From simple wiring to installing and upgrading complex PLC’s and VDF’s , Young Electric is specialized in keeping you up to date and safe.   

Article Categories: Partnership, Partnership
Article Tags: Industrial Upgrades